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I need to get insurance in order to get the small water aerobics gig that is willing to hire me. Where can I get it and do I need to be certified?


the Y was going to hire me to sub but I have to be certified first. I thought they did their own certifications. Any suggestions about how to get quick certified?

if I can't I will just join the Y and go to classes, but I LIKED teaching.

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Me and my weight loss buddy have just started doing a water workout 2 or 3 times a week.
We are both obese and want to lose weight and get fit.
I have taken aquafitness before so I know a lot of the moves, and guide her. We just swim in my apartment pool.
Anyone know of a site or link with videos showing aquafitness instruction?
We try to swim some laps too since it is probably better for you, but it is hard on my lungs.

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I am now possibly going to be teaching at the Y here on Wednesday nights....

new member
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welcome to the community, solagirl! its quiet, but feel free to start did you find us?

chlorine resistant swimsuits?
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my swimsuits keep biting the dust. I even bought a speedo, but that's starting to have the elastic die. Can anyone tell me about chlorine-resistant swimsuits? are they hype or real?

question for health foody swimmers
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A friend of mine says, since I am in a pool 7 hrs a week, that I will need to take pro-biotics because the chlorine gets in through your skin and kills intestinal flora. Is that true, and should I be purchasing probiotics, or no?

dumb swimsuits
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My swimsuits bite the dust rather fast. Why do they not have a way of making durable swimsuits? I've had to pitch one this summer, one's about to die, and even my "good one" is starting to show wear.

Any suggestions as to brands that are good and not horridly expensive, that go up to size 16-18?

I have another swim class!
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T-Th at the Shawnee Country Club a mile from my house!


it's going to be a bit different, in that they have only kickboards and noodles.... they might get other things... also they have this weird squishy foam thing that looks like a neck rest....

and what's very interesting is I get a straight cut of the people who sign up, rather than an hourly rate. That should be interesting.

also it's 3 feet to 5 feet, with an 8 foot deep end.

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I had one student last night.
I had 7!! this morning.

4 regulars and 3 dropins.


I am now up to 5x a week in the pool, and impressed with myself.
I am planning to go while on vacation, as well. Yay!

any suggestions?
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one of the husbands of one of my ladies is attending my class from time to time. He's got a hemiplegic semi-paralysis from a stroke (problems with left side, plus slow and VERY poor balance and very little control). any suggestions on how to work with him while still working with everyone else?


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