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dumb swimsuits
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catbirdgirl wrote in waterfitness
My swimsuits bite the dust rather fast. Why do they not have a way of making durable swimsuits? I've had to pitch one this summer, one's about to die, and even my "good one" is starting to show wear.

Any suggestions as to brands that are good and not horridly expensive, that go up to size 16-18?

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I just got 2 from the LL Bean Factory Outlet. 1 pieces, 1 with red flowers on top and black bottom, one with black fronds and red flowers all over.

I had 15 bux off due to a returned swimsuit, and both were very discounted, as I think they were the cheapest ones on the size 18 rack.

I also... got into a 16. I didn't like the color or how it fit.... but that shows an acceptable trend. When I get to 14 or into a 16 for realz (getting rid of much gut) I am going to possibly indulge in a tankini. I don't like how they look with a bulgy middle.

and I am going to try that cold water in the sink no washing machine thing. I didn't ever DRY them, but they have gone in the washer.

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