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chlorine resistant swimsuits?
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catbirdgirl wrote in waterfitness
my swimsuits keep biting the dust. I even bought a speedo, but that's starting to have the elastic die. Can anyone tell me about chlorine-resistant swimsuits? are they hype or real?

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Honestly haven't tried the chlorine-resistant swimsuits. I generally buy speedos; I never put them in the washing machine, I always just soak them in the sink in cold water and then hang them to dry. I can usually get about three months of life out of them (in the water 9 times per week).

Chlorine resistant suits

Speedo Endurance has been the best for me. They cost a bundle. but I have gotten two or three years out of each suit (three classes a week).
We have talked a lot about this at water aerobics, and it seems that most suits are "fashion suits" even in name brands and are not intended for long life. Otherwise, they all stretch, fade, and otherwise disintegrate.

My water aerobics instructor washes her suit in Woolite after every class. This is a little impractical for me and is a bit expensive as well.

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