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catbirdgirl wrote in waterfitness
welcome to the community, solagirl! its quiet, but feel free to start did you find us?

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Wow - thanks! That was quick! I have been teaching aquarobics at a PT clinic for 6 months. I really enjoy it, but I am in a bit of a rut in terms of ideas for class. I have gotten some good ideas from Youtube, but I never though to look on LJ! It seems like this is the only water fitness community out there!

Why did you start the community? :)

this one and um... what is it called./... poolninjas

I started the community because I got a new job teaching water aerobics last may and wanted to build discussion/community.

Every so often I go to and look through their aqua patterns for new ideas! Also, my favorite method - go to someone else's class, see what you like, and use it for your own class :)

I like going to other classes too, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to very often. I have never heard of turnstep - I'll check it out - thanks!

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