my general routine
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this is the general idea of what I normally do with my client (s)

a few laps walking, jogging, jumpingjack sides, cross country ski, then jumping hula (jump twist with arms extended)

then some range of motion- ankles small circles, legs medium circles, small shoulder rotations, sometimes arm circles, wrist circles, head side to side and around.

then grab a noodle
back and forth to deep end
first bicycle legs and breast stroke arms
then backwards frog kick and elementary backstroke arms
then maybe another one of these with a diff stroke.
at the end of the lane there's a diving board with silver protrusions that are perfect for chinups so we hold for 5 seconds then do 10 chinups
then legs out
then arms back
then right arm and left leg out
then left arm and right leg back.

(sometimes I throw a get off the noodle and tread water for 30 sec in the middle of a lane, sometimes I don't)

(sometimes I throw a minute sprint in someplace, sometimes I don't)

then 20 pushups with a barbell
then side of pool 20 ab crunches

then grab a noodle and put it under a foot
knee-ups in front, leg up in front 20 each, knee up to side, leg up to side, 20 each. then hip rotation front to back with noodle under foot- it's a ballet warmup but I can't remember the name. then switch sides.

sometimes grab small barbells and go back and forth with it up and down at sides, back and forth in front, up and down in back, jumping jack, but not always.

then wall stretches-
wall pushups or pull-ins (hamstring stretches and calf stretches)
spider man stretches (hang on to side of pool, put feet on side of pool with butt out in the water like you are spider man climbing the wall). its a great stretch then you wave your butt back and forth and it's SUCH a nice stretch along your sides.

then hip bumps. stand at arms length to the wall and drop your hip sideways and bump the wall. then go the opposite direction and bump it out with your hand over your head, then bump it in again. (its supposed to be a Pilates stretch). do 5 times.

then shoulder stretches, and end by hugging self.

I think I need to add more sprints to get more overt cardio.
any other suggestions or feedback?

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what in the heck... there are aqua aerobics VIDEOS?
Who has a TV near their swimming pool?

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another senior student! woot! That brings me up to 2!

and my current 8 AM MWF class is going to be changed to T TH class in evening 5:30-6:30 so I can haz students.

we need more people
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really. more people.

also, what do you do if there's no budget for advertisements?

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ok I might be catching a cold.

what do you do on days you need to teach if you catch a cold?

so what are you currently teaching?
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I will be teaching MWF AMs 8-9 regular water aerobics and 9-10 senior.

also, anyone want to make a cute water-themed icon for this community?

and how can we up the membership on here. I posted to 2 lj promo communities.

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feel free to make suggestions for interests to list or the description of the community.

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this is a new community about water fitness! I am starting a job in Delaware in 3 weeks as a water aerobics instructor, so I thought I'd create a place to network and talk about it. Please feel free to introduce yourself!


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